We verify that each of our members are operating legally, responsibly and safely. 



We help you stay informed so that you don't unintentionally break the law, simply by not knowing them.



We're a Network of business owners committed to a premium quality of customer service. Are you?


About Us


Legalized adult-use recreational cannabis is new in Canada, and so are we!


We are a Canadian based independent business review and consumer guidance group responsible for administering the Gocanna Seals of Approval and operating the Gocanna Network. We operate a private business membership and a digital platform for adults.


We are Canada's cannabis tourism guide!


  • Our Seals of Approval are designed to distinguish businesses that have been 3rd party validated to be operating legally, safely and responsibly.

  • Our Members are trained to provide a premium quality of customer service.

  • Our Network keeps adults informed on the cannabis regulations and guides them away from illegal operators.


Why do we do this?


We believe that adult-use recreational cannabis is the integration of the 3rd social lubricant in Canadian society. Next to Alcohol and Tobacco, adults in Canada may have cannabis. This newly regulated market in Canada has created a new consumer demographic, with a new set of consumer needs.


Our membership gives business owners tools to educate their staff, and to establish policies and procedures that meet the needs of their customers.


It's not about getting "high"


We're not here to promote, encourage or advocate for cannabis use.


With Federal adult-use recreational cannabis laws and 13 different Provincial and Territorial frameworks in Canada, it’s a confusing marketplace. We get it.


We launched Gocanna because we don't want an adult to unintentionally break the law simply from not knowing the difference in the regulations between their home province and a province they may be visiting. Or worse, an international visitor who assumes each province has the same regulations!


That’s why we’ve made it our mission to establish a network of legally validated businesses that are committed to a standardized quality of customer service and to connect them with verified adult cannabis consumers in a safe and responsible way.


Gocanna is more than a window decal or simple directory listing


  • We're a network of businesses committed to a responsible customer experience

  • We're a group of people dedicated to creating safe environments

  • We're a universal hub for adults to get credible information


The Gocanna Network


We only list our Approved business members. We know it may it can take time to grow our membership but we care more about the quality of our Network than the number of listings in the directory.


This policy aligns with our mandate to ensure that every business member is operating in compliance with our Quality Service Standard.


Simply put, we're here to help people stay informed on what they need to know and where they can go - safely, legally & responsibly.

Have a question? Ask us. We're here to help!


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