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Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Federal Legislature*

  • Legal Age: 18+ (minimum), or as specified per Province

  • Maximum Possession: Up to 30 grams, or equivalent, or as specified per Province

  • Retail: As specified per Province; online sales available in each Province

  • Consumption: Private dwelling and property, or as specified per Province. Prohibited in vehicles.

  • Cultivation: Up to 4 plants per household, or as specified per Province

A detailed summary of Canada's legal cannabis laws.

Adult-use recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018.

The information on this website reflects the compiled legal frameworks of the Federal, Provincial Gov and Municipal Governments of Canada.

Click here to view Bill C-45 CANNABIS ACT. Source: Government of Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the legal age to buy cannabis in Canada?

  • The legal age for adult-use recreational cannabis in Canada is the same as the legal age for alcohol consumption. In Alberta and Quebec, it’s 18+. Everywhere else in Canada is 19+.


What are the risks or harms of using cannabis?

  • The Government of Canada identifies some of the short-term effects on your brain from cannabis can include:

    • confusion

    • sleepiness (fatigue)

    • impaired ability to:

      • remember

      • concentrate

      • pay attention

      • react quickly

    • anxiety, fear or panic

    • Short-term effects on your body can also include:

    • if smoking, damaged blood vessels caused by the smoke

    • decreased blood pressure, which can cause people to faint

    • increased heart rate, which can be dangerous for people with heart conditions and can lead to an increased risk of heart attack


Where can I buy cannabis products?

  • Cannabis can legally be purchased by Provincially Licensed Retailers. Depending on the Province, the stores may be government-operated or privately operated. 

  • Beware illegal cannabis dispensaries. It is illegal to purchase cannabis from them. You must purchase cannabis from a legally licensed retailer.


Is cannabis for sale online in Canada?

  • Yes, each Province operates on an online retail store. You can find the links for these online stores in our Travel Map


What types of cannabis products can I purchase?

  • At this time, only Dried Flower, Sublingual (infused) oils, Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Seedlings are available for retail purchase in Canada.

  • Edibles, beverages, and concentrates are NOT available for retail purchase. However, they may be made at home and carried in public. These products are expected to legally available for retail no later than October 17, 2019.


How much cannabis may I purchase, or possess in public?

  • You may purchase and/or possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flower, or cannabis equivalents. Cannabis equivalents include products such as infused cannabis oil or cannabis extracts, fresh cannabis, cannabis seeds, cannabis seedlings, edibles, beverages or concentrates.

  • PRO TIP: Download the Gocanna Calculator on your phone for an easy way to determine if you are over the public possession limit with a variety of cannabis products! Our mobile app allows you to enter your possession quantity of various product types and will automatically convert it into Dried Flower Equivalent. It even tells you when you are over the public limit quantity!


Where can I consume cannabis in Canada?

  • Recreational cannabis consumption laws vary per Province. Some Provinces only allow consumption on private properties and dwellings. Others allow cannabis to be consumed as per their Tobacco laws.

  • Check out our Travel Map for more details on how consumption works in each Province.


How do I find information on cannabis while traveling?

  • Easy - Gocanna! Seriously, check out our Travel Map.

  • Information on cannabis can also be found on the Government of Canada website, while each Provincial Government also has a dedicated site for information on adult-use recreational cannabis in their Province. We save you search time by compiling these various sources.


Can I take cannabis on an airplane, or travel in Canada with cannabis?

  • Yes, you may carry up to 30 grams of cannabis equivalents in public. This includes on airplanes, buses, trains or other modes of transportation.

  • Please keep in mind any non-cannabis related restrictions, such as liquid volume limits!


Can I take cannabis over the Border?


Can I drive after consuming cannabis?

  • It is strongly discouraged. Driving impaired by cannabis is illegal in Canada and puts everyone at danger.

  • Drug-impaired driving is treating similarly to Intoxicated driving. The legal driving limit for alcohol in Canada is 80 milligrams (0.08) of alcohol per milliliter of blood, while the legal driving limit for THC is 2 nanograms per milliliter of blood, before being deemed intoxicated or impaired.

  • There is no “weed breathalyzer”. Police may demand a Standardized Field Sobriety Test or a Saliva Test from a suspected impaired or intoxicated driver. If required, further blood tests may be administered by a health professional to determine a driver's THC nanogram limit.


Is it illegal to be impaired by cannabis in public?

  • Yes. The same as it is illegal to be intoxicated by alcohol in public.


What are the penalties for breaking the cannabis laws

  • Breaking the cannabis laws in Canada may result in both Federal and Provincial penalties. Penalties may range depending on the severity of the action, and may include monetary fines or even prison sentences.

  • It can be confusing with all the differences between Provinces. That’s why important to check our Travel Map to stay informed on what you need to know and where it’s permitted.

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