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Is cannabis the biggest thing in skincare for 2018?

"A host of brands are utilizing oils from the plant in their potions.

(Credit: Jessa Carter)

In 2017 cannabis started making waves, eventually becoming a buzzword in beauty. Now with legalization starting on January 1 in California and set to come nationally to Canada in July, there are a host of brands poised to be pioneers in the cannabis-infused skincare space.

Actor Olivia Wilde was profiled in The New York Times touting the benefits of CBD body lotion earlier this month. CBD is the non-psychoactive molecule found in cannabis, that reportedly helps to relieve anxiety, pain and stress, and Wilde used it to help manage neck pain during a rigorous six month stint on Broadway. As more mainstream names begin to chat about the benefits of the plant — Rihanna, Sarah Silverman, Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Sarandon and many more celebs are fans, in skincare or smokeable form — the stigma behind cannabis and its uses begins to wane.

Also, in 2017 there were a plethora of cannabis-related medical studies released, some of them concluding that cannabis can help your sex life, that CBD can reduce the number of seizureseach month for children with epilepsy, and that THC increased the number of brain connections in geriatric mice.

But back to skincare. While studies are still being performed on the effects of THC in topical form some believe that you can get high from a THC-infused lip balm, for example. But, no, you won't get a buzz off using a beauty concoction that is made with CBD or hemp seed oil.


"Cannabis has gained a lot of traction lately as regulatory markets open and consumers become more educated on cannabis 'beyond the high,'" April Pride, chief creative officer of Van der Pop, a female-focused cannabis lifestyle brand, said. "2017 was the year of CBD, which activates receptors beneath the skin's surface to truly offer whole-plant benefits for an integrated beauty solution." Pride added skincare to her stable of products last year, which includes chic and minimal stash bags made out of leather. Her current favourite beauty product? "I'm crushing on the FORGET Balm. It's ideal for soothing neck and forearm pain from the daily grind."


"The benefits of cannabis in skin care are something to be celebrated in the natural personal care space as a great alternative to synthetics currently on the market," Brandi Leifso, CEO and founder of Evio Beauty Group, Ltd. recently told me via email. Leifso is currently working to bring CBD into a new range of skincare for her Evio line and, has partnered with a licensed producer to help make that happen. "The beauty industry is thirsty for safe, natural alternative ingredients as the natural beauty market grows year over year."

While we wait for more information to be gleaned from upcoming studies, hemp seed oil, which can be found at the mass level in a lot of products (The Body Shop has been using it since the 1990s!) have proven skin-enhancing benefits.Side note: Cannabis is broken down into two types: Sativa and indica. Hemp is a variation of the sativa strain. Hemp has most often been used in skincare, with Cannabis as a whole now making more of an appearance."...

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