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Saskatoon to limit where marijuana can be smoked

"WATCH ABOVE: The City of Saskatoon is planning to place the same limits on smoking marijuana in public places as it does with tobacco.

2018 is the year recreational pot is set to be legalized in Canada. While that much is decided, not much else is in the province of Saskatchewan, which has yet to mandate a strategy.

“I really don’t feel right for me as an outgoing premier to lead that decision” said Premier Brad Wall.

Every level of government has a unique role. The federal government’s bill C-45 has passed second reading in the House of Commons.

While Saskatchewan municipalities wait to hear the province’s strategy, the City of Saskatoon will discuss an amendment to the smoking bylaw next week.

The city’s community standards director, Jo-Anne Richter, is suggesting a blanket approach to marijuana under the smoking bylaw.

“Broaden the definition of smoke to include the smoking of cannabis so that essentially where smoking tobacco is restricted, smoking cannabis would likewise be prohibited,” she said.

According to the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) president Gordon Barnhart, municipalities are beginning to “worry” about legalization as many are waiting on guidelines from the province.

“This freight train is coming down the track,” said Barnhart.

While much remains undecided, what seems more clearly defined by the province is how the tax revenue from the sale of cannabis will be divvied.

“I don’t personally see the government giving up its space for municipal revenue,” Wall said."...

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