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11 Things You Can Do At Banff’s Breathtaking "Winter Wonderland" Festival

"Hot springs, ice sculptures and a whole lot more!

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Ah, winter. It can be all too easy to say that you straight-up hate winter. After all, snow and ice are the worst ... right?

Well, actually no! Not if you know how to celebrate the right way; and one spot in Canada just so happens to know exactly how to celebrate winter so, so right.

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Celebrating the artistry that is ice carving, this awesome Canadian event (happening January 18 - 28, 2018) features GLORIOUS ice sculptures; a competition and award ceremony; an ice bar and other culinary adventures; ice skating; and legit tons of things to do!

So strap yourself in and get yourself to this wonderful festival. Whether you're getting there by car, plane or train, the adventure and wonder that awaits at Lake Louise are seriously impressive!

Stay in a real life, legitimate winter wonderland castle

Lake Louise has tons of gorgeous spots to stay in, whether you're there for the Ice Magic Festival or not. One beautiful spot in particular, though, just so happens to be a castle.

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is incredibly beautiful and the surroundings look like they come straight out of a snow globe. It's been around for over 100 years, so you know they know what they're doing.

Plus, when you stay here (or any other Lake Louise area hotel) during the Ice Magic Festival, you get your tickets to the festival for free! That's like the awesome cherry on top of an already awesome sundae!

Then grab your ice skates and glide through the ice

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Honestly, ice skating is quite possibly one of the most magical winter activities anyone could do. Ever. But ice skating on Lake Louise and around an icy chateau and other frozen works of art? Yeah. That's a whole other level of amazing.

Which is exactly why ice skating at the Ice Magic Festival is one experience you're absolutely going to want to participate in. So while you're taking a break from enjoying the beautiful frozen festivities, lace up your skates, get out there and have a magical time gliding across the ice!

Check out the true star of the show: the ice carving!

After all, the Ice Magic Festival is here to highlight one thing: the magic of ice! Top ice carvers from all over the world come to compete at the festival's International Ice Carving Competition, and the result is a frozen wonderland full of icy works of art.

This expansive sculpture site takes place around the prestigious Chateau Lake Louise, and features ice carvings from the world's top ice artists. Last year, there were all sorts of sculptures to celebrate Canada's 150th and this year, we can only imagine what magic the festival has in store for us!

And then cozy up with your loved ones, and tour Lake Louise on an actual sleigh

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During the festival, you can get an immersive, first-hand account at just how breathtaking Lake Louise truly is... by exploring the area in a sleigh!

You can get all comfy and cozy under a blanket with your loved ones in a traditional sleigh, and watch the mesmerizing sights of the Canadian Rockies as you glide through a lake-side trail. The tours are incredibly charming, and add an extra bit of adventure to an already unreal winter trip!

Bubble your stress away at the infamous Banff Hot Springs

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Straight-up, if you're going to be anywhere near Banff, then it's always a fantastic idea to stop by the Banff Hot Springs.

This natural hot spring is famous all over the world for its relaxing nature and for breathtaking view, which honestly makes it perfect way to warm up and relax after seeing all the glorious frozen sights!"...

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