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Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Federal Legislature*

  • Legal Age: 18+ (minimum), or as specified per Province

  • Maximum Possession: Up to 30 grams, or equivalent, or as specified per Province

  • Retail: As specified per Province; online sales available in each Province

  • Consumption: Private dwelling and property, or as specified per Province. Prohibited in vehicles.

  • Cultivation: Up to 4 plants per household, or as specified per Province

A detailed summary of Canada's legal cannabis laws.

Adult-use recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018.

The information on this website reflects the compiled legal frameworks of the Federal, Provincial Gov and Municipal Governments of Canada.

Click here to view Bill C-45 CANNABIS ACT. Source: Government of Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions


Since cannabis is legal now, do I have to allow people under the consumption of cannabis into my business?

  • No. You should compare an adult who consumes recreational cannabis to an adult who consumes alcohol. As a business owner, you may decide who your target market is that you want to provide service to. As a business owner, you always have the right to ask people to leave your business.


I’m not a “stoner”. Why should I care about cannabis?

  • After Tobacco and Alcohol, Cannabis is now the 3rd social lubricant in Canada. We believe an adult who chooses to use cannabis should not be viewed any differently than an adult who chooses to consume alcohol or tobacco.

  • Not every business accommodations adults who smoke cigarettes or whom want to have a beer. Some do. It’s simply a newly legalized marketplace with a lot of unmet consumer needs. We see that as a business opportunity to add value to people.


What's the legal age to purchase, possess or use cannabis in Canada?

  • The legal age for adult-use recreational cannabis in Canada is the same as the legal age for alcohol consumption. In Alberta and Quebec, it’s 18+. Everywhere else in Canada is 19+.

  • Check out our Travel Map for more details on the cannabis regulations in each Province.


Can I sell Cannabis to my customers?

  • No. Cannabis may only be sold by Provincially Licensed retailers. Depending on which Province you are in, this may be a privately licensed retailer or a government operated retail store


Can my customers consume cannabis at my business?

  • It depends on the province. Some provinces allow cannabis to be consumed as per their Tobacco laws. Others are more strict in only allowing consumption to occur at Private Dwellings + Adjacent property, and/or designated areas.

  • Some provinces that do NOT allow consumption as per Tobacco, do permit Accommodations to allow their customers to consume cannabis products in their guest rooms (as a guest room is considered a “private dwelling”), attached balconies or designated outdoor areas.

    • It varies per province and DO NOT assume because a business in another province operated such a way that you can too. We help you figure this out as part of our Gocanna Approved business membership process.


My province does not allow the public consumption of cannabis, but it does allow me to permit consumption in my hotel rooms. Why are they bringing back “smoking rooms”?

  • Cannabis consumption when smoking or vaping is regulated under the Tobacco laws, or smoke-free laws, of a province.

  • Just because you’re allowed to permit cannabis consumption in your hotel room, does not necessarily mean that people may smoke indoors. However, other cannabis product types may be consumed.


I serve food. Can I use cannabis as a cooking ingredient and gift cannabis products to adult customers?

  • No. Adult-sharing is permitted under the Cannabis Act. However, as a business, you may not gift or share cannabis products as part of your service without a license to do so.


What if I serve alcohol to someone who is impaired by cannabis?

  • Serving alcohol to a customer impaired by cannabis is the same as serving alcohol to a customer intoxicated by alcohol. If you suspect a person is under the influence of cannabis, it is your responsibility to limit or refuse alcohol service.


So I want to provide service to this new market, but do I have to let people smoke weed at my business?

  • No. We believe your cannabis policies should align with your existing substance-use policies for alcohol and tobacco. If you are smoke-free, remain smoke-free and explore alternative cannabis products that customers may enjoy, such as sublingual oils.


I’m concerned about the stigma of being a “weed-friendly business” and what my customers may think. What should I do?

  • We understand that cannabis may be offensive and inappropriate in some environments, but we have to recognize that adult-use recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada. We believe that by establishing good policies and by communicating them to the public it demonstrates that you are a responsible business owner. Your customers should recognize and appreciate that it is your duty to provide a standardized quality of service to the public, regardless of their own personal choices.


Why do all these people want to “smoke weed and get high”?

  • While a lot of consumers enjoy the psychoactive “high”, it is important to understand that not all consumers use cannabis to get high. Medical cannabis is legal in Canada and many countries around the world, including over half of the United States. Medical cannabis is prescribed by a medical doctor and is used by patients to ease diagnosed ailments. This form of medication may include psychoactive or non-psychoactive strains of cannabis. 

  • Not all recreational cannabis consumption is for psychoactive effects either. Low-dose applications and non-psychoactive applications are very popular, even among recreational consumers. You should never assume that a person who smokes a joint is high. Make sure to do a proper assessment for the sign and symptoms of cannabis impairment.

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